Alliance Activations Welcome Page

We are excited to welcome in 2022 and all who have come to this site with a deep desire to reconnect, build deeper relationships and create dynamic 'live' events focused on the human experience. The event industry has been forever changed (as have we all) by the historic events of the last few years. To all who have experienced loss and the profound effects of isolation we pass along our sincerest condolences. Resilience is renewal as we stand at the starting line together knowing re-engagement is the path forward.

We launch 2022 by offering essential Event Start-up and Consulting Services to organizations in need of developing their events, without undue risk, for the year ahead. We are also elated to announce our acclaimed competition-based Activation's, featuring The Dual Mechanical Bull Show & Radio Control Racing Events, are now booking for the outdoor summer, fair and festival season.

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